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Connect with your Ideal Clients by Finding Your Niche

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Why Niche?

Because having a niche makes it easier to do so many other things in your business!

Things like:

  • writing your website copy
  • talking to people on social media
  • finding hashtags your ideal clients use on Instagram
  • creating content that relates to their specific problems
  • building a reputation as an expert in one area
  • NOT SPINNING in confusion over your niche

Finding your niche is a beautiful thing. It changes everything.

But let me reassure you — if you go through my videos and workbook and still aren’t clear, I’ve also provided a method for choosing your niche ORGANICALLY.

As in, letting it happen.

And that can be a beautiful thing, too.

So watch the videos. Fill out the workbook. And start connecting with more people every day!

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tierra says:

I wouldn't even have an offer right now if it wasn't for Cassandra. She is so fu&%ing good at this sh!t — niching and giving coaches clarity.