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Dare To Coach is a weekly newsletter written by Cass + Tee, Co-Founders at Lovely Impact.

Inside readers find a treasure trove of insights delivered via email, specially crafted for coaches navigating the online business realm.

Our readership is a vibrant mix of life, health, executive, career, and spiritual coaches, all on the lookout for golden nuggets of wisdom to elevate their coaching journeys.

We’re proud of the trust and engagement we’ve cultivated in our community, ensuring every piece of advice and recommendation we share is nothing short of top-notch.

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Every Tuesday, we drop exclusive coaching biz advice, news, and strategies right into coaches’ inboxes – consider it their weekly dose of coaching caffeine.

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  • Subscribers: 11,500
  • Open Rate: 30%
  • Click Through Rate: 3%
  • Audience hotspots: USA (69.16%), UK (7.30%), Canada (6.73%), India (4.92%), Australia (2.63%)


  • Sponsored Shoutout – $225: Grab the spotlight in the middle of our email with a dedicated section for your header, image, description, and call-to-action. You’re welcome to craft your own message or let Lovely Impact do the magic.
  • Monthly Spotlight Bundle – $780: Amplify your impact by being featured in a month’s worth of newsletters and save $120 in the process. Includes everything in the Sponsored Shoutout.

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We’re on the hunt for partners who are as passionate about empowering coaches as we are. If your product or service makes the coaching business journey smoother, we’re all ears!

Think your brand fits? Here’s what we love:

  • B2B SaaS: Marketing, sales, HR, productivity, analytics, AI, and other B2B products, platforms, extensions and apps. Preferably built for coaches.
  • Law & Money: Business banking, business insurance, coaching contracts, and other B2B financial and legal products targeting coaches.
  • Jobs & Events: Remote coaching jobs, conferences, webinars, accelerators, and speaking opportunities.
  • Media and Info Products: Newsletters, blogs, courses, ebooks, certifications, templates, and other digital products for coaches, that don’t directly compete with Lovely Impact.


Hey there,

Every week, our newsletter finds its way to a special group of coaches.

These aren’t just any subscribers; they’re committed individuals who’ve shown they’re ready to take their personal and business growth to the next level.


By making their way through a high-ticket sales funnel to unlock our newsletter, proving they’re not just interested—they’re all in.

This means when you team up with us for an ad, you’re reaching out to a community of dedicated coaches who’ve already taken bold steps towards their dreams.

So, yes, this is more than just getting your name out there.

It’s about engaging in genuine conversations with potential clients who are not just ready but excited to invest in what’s next.

And we think that’s pretty special.

Ready to book? Tee’s waiting at tee@lovelyimpact.co.

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