Custom Website Design for Shira Gill Home

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Shira Gill Home Custom Website Design

Working with Shira of Shira Gill Home is a dream come true. Seriously — she’s the type of client every designer wants to work with: creative, fun, open, and determined to do and be the best she can for her clients.

Besides that, working with her keeps me inspired to stay organized, and continually encourages me to minimize my possessions — and that’s almost as good as what I get to create for her.

To be totally honest, Shira is the reason I got into working with professional organizers as part of my niche — and she’s the reason we offer website templates specific to organizers. Because working with her has been such a continuous joy over the last three years.

So if you’re an organizer and you’ve been looking to work with us, just know that it’s all because of Shira, in a roundabout sort of way.

What I Love Most About Shira’s Website

Shira’s website is clean, beautiful, and well organized, as you would expect from a professional organizer. The whole thing is dedicated to showing people how to be more intentional in their lives and enjoy their space, simplified.

The colors, the layout, the photos — even the copy — let you feel the calm and serenity that comes from being organized and living your life surrounded by an intentional space. The site literally just makes you feel good. And happy. And that’s always a win, considering that’s Shira’s mission — to make people feel good.

Take a look at some of my favorite pages on her website below.

Home Page

Shira Gill Home Page Design

About Page

Shira Gill About Page Design

Programs Page

Shira Gill Programs Page Design

Program Sales Page

Shira Gill Programs Sales Page

Shop Page

Shira Gill Shop Page

Bonus! Shira has a custom membership site I created to host her online organization programs. You can take a peek at that in the photos below. Unfortunately, we no longer offer custom membership sites at Lovely Impact, but you can get some ideas for yours by checking out hers!

Member Dashboard Page

Shira Gill Member Dashboard Page Design

Get Organized Master Class Page

Shira Gill Get Organized MasterClass Page Design

Closet Makeover Program Page

Shira Gill Closet Makeover Page Design

Closet Makeover Program Content Layout

Shira Gill Closet Makeover Page Content Design

What Shira says about working with me:

“Cassandra is the ultimate professional. She is responsive, efficient, and organized — an all around delight to work with. She’s helped me to seamlessly launch a brand new website, create a secure membership site, and launch multiple sold out virtual programs. I feel so grateful to have her on my team — my business truly couldn’t run without her consistent talent and expertise!”

View More of This Project

Take a look at the full design in the portfolio, and definitely check out Shira’s website in all its glory live if you’ve been needing some organizational inspiration!

Custom Website Design for Shira Gill Home

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