Custom Brand Design + Logo Creation for Stacie Segebart, Life Coach

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Stacie Segebart Brand Design + Logo Creation

There’s nothing quite so fulfilling for this designer’s heart as being able to help coaches of all flavors represent their true selves.

Every coach I’ve met is different — with different thoughts, feelings, purposes, and dreams. It’s truly an honor to be able to witness all that goodness in this world. There are so many people (coaches) out there who want nothing more than to help others be their best selves and change the world for the better, one client at a time.

It’s emotional for me.

One such coach I’ve had the privilege of working with is Stacie Segebart.

Stacie Segebart Brand Design + Logo Creation

When I met with Stacie to discuss her brand and vision, I learned all about her and how she loves to support women in life — whether it be emotional support, or support in getting back in shape. Her mission is to help women live their best life.

Stacie Segebart Brand Design + Logo Creation

Stacie’s brand is very heart-centered. And so I decided to pay homage to her with a beautiful, hand-drawn submark that looks like a heart. I’m really very excited about how her brand design came together. And I’m also so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Congratulations, Stacie!

Stacie Segebart Brand Design + Logo Creation
Stacie Segebart Brand Design + Logo Creation
Stacie Segebart Brand Design + Logo Creation

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