15 Best CRM for Coaches (Ranked & Reviewed)

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12 Best CRM for Coaches (Ranked & Reviewed)

As a coach, you know that having a good CRM (customer relationship management) system is essential to your success. But with so many CRMs on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. 

Don’t worry – we’ve done the hard work for you. If we haven’t met as yet, welcome! We’re Cass + Tee, the duo behind Lovely Impact. 

The coaching industry is our passion and we developed this platform to support it. We love to geek out on all things coaching, like certifications, finding the best ways to support coaching clients, branding tips, web design for coaches, trends, and more. 

In this blog post, we’ll review 12 of the best CRMs for coaches, and rank them according to features and price. So whether you’re looking for a low-cost option or a CRM with all the bells and whistles, you’ll find what you need here.

Let’s dive right in!

What Is CRM for Coaches?

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management” and is a software tool that does exactly what it says — helps businesses manage their customer relationships. As a coach, your CRM should enable you to track important details such as customer contact information, communication history, and appointment schedules. 

Additionally, CRM for Coaches can help coaches generate reports on customer behavior and track sales opportunities. When you find the right CRM software for your unique needs, it becomes a valuable tool for any coach who wants to improve their customer management skills. 

If you are a coach who is looking to improve your customer management skills and impress your incoming coaching leads, attaining a CRM for your coaching business can certainly help you accomplish your goals.

The Best CRM Tools For Coaches

Here are our top picks for the best CRM for coaches.

1. Hubspot CRM

This company puts you in control by providing you with constantly updated information about how your business is doing. If you want to know when clients are opening your emails and make use of meeting scheduling software, Hubspot CRM is the ideal tool for you.

Hubspot - Best CRM for Coaches

If you’re wondering about the best CRM for coaches, Hubspot CRM has to make it onto your list; this company provides a range of tools that make it so much easier to handle your customer relations – such as the ability to track your emails, notifications, and company insights, plus an easy-to-use dashboard with all the information you could need on it.


This company offers the following:

  • A meeting scheduler
  • Insights on your coaching business
  • Reports and analytics
  • Unlimited users and up to 1,000,000 contacts
  • The ability to connect seamlessly with prospective clients with live chat and click-to-call functions
  • The ability to personalize campaigns to ensure your clients are always seeing the best of you


Hubspot Pricing - 12 Best CRM for Coaches

The company offers the following pricing bands:

  • Free basic package (no ability to remove Hubspot branding)
  • Starter package, $540 per year, with 1,000 marketing contacts, and the removal of the Hubspot branding from forms, live chat, landing pages, etc.
  • Professional package, $9,600 per year, with 2,000 marketing contacts, social media, campaign management, custom reports and website traffic analysis, and advanced support
  • Enterprise plus, $38,000 per year, with 10,000 marketing contacts, team management functions, sandboxes, predictive lead scoring, permission sets, and more

2. Keap CRM

For anyone looking to maximize automation processes, this is among the best CRM for coaches, because it handles so many of the everyday tasks for you and gives you more time to focus on what you do best – coaching.

Keap - 12 Best CRM for Coaches

Keap handles a whole variety of functions, including capturing leads, creating landing pages, sending text messages and emails, processing payments, and organizing data. It is intended to let coaches grow without spending more time handling the logistics of their business than they can spend coaching.

Keap takes the work out of being a coach to many different clients and handles most of the frustrating, repetitive tasks that you don’t want to spend your time doing.


This company offers the following:

  • 24/7 support
  • Landing pages
  • Payment processing and follow-up options
  • Automated emails and texting
  • The ability to consolidate tools into one place so everything is organized and easy to access
  • The ability to automate your sales funnel and capture leads
  • Categorization and organization for your contacts to allow for more effective coaching and communication
  • Increased business efficiency in all different areas of CRM


You can do a 14-day free trial to check whether Keap works for you, and after that, you have the following options:

  • Lite, $59 per month (paid annually) for coaches with up to 500 contacts
  • Pro, $129 per month (paid annually) for coaches with up to 1500 contacts (allows 2 users)
  • Max, $199 per month (paid annually) for coaches with up to 2500 contacts (allows 3 users)

3. Paperbell

All the best CRM for coaches is focused on making life easier for coaches – and Paperbell certainly does that. It covers all aspects of your coaching business, including scheduling, handling contracts, managing online payments, and dealing with client admin, so you don’t have to pour hours into any of these things!

Paperbell - Best CRM for Coaches

Paperbell makes your clients’ experience smoother and more professional and creates a central command point for you to operate from, with everything consolidated into one place. It also makes sure you can tell immediately how much work you’ve done with a client and how much more are booked, so you know exactly where you are.

Paperbell is specifically targeted at making life easier for coaches, and that makes it stand out from all the other options.


Paperbell provides:

  • Intake forms to make it easier and faster to take on new clients with all the information you need
  • The ability to keep notes on clients
  • Financial breakdowns so you can see which parts of your business are the most profitable
  • Contract signing and storage
  • Lifetime spend stats
  • Questionnaire answers so you can easily review what your clients have told you
  • History of appointments


Paperbell Pricing - Best CRM for Coaches

You can have a free account with Paperbell, or they have one simple package:

  • Standard plan, $40 per month (paid annually), which offers access to all the Paperbell features, including file sharing, automated messages, online classes, scheduling, digital downloads, etc. This plan is unlimited in terms of clients, contracts, files, and packages, making it a very straightforward and economical choice.

4. ActiveCampaign CRM

For anyone who is struggling to keep up with their leads as well as coaching, ActiveCampaign is a great option.

Active Campaign - Best CRM for Coaches

ActiveCampaign offers your clients a smooth process that encourages them to register their interest, and it then handles these leads accordingly, telling you which should be given priority and when to wait before contacting a potential client.

It also simplifies your information management system and like most of the best CRM for coaches, it brings all of your contacts into a central platform so you can find everything you need without having to dig through old emails and business cards.


ActiveCampaign CRM offers:

  • A central platform with all the information you need about all of your clients
  • A sales pipeline that you can easily view online
  • Sales automation tools that gather information from clients
  • Advice on when to follow up on leads and lead scoring to let you know which the best leads are
  • The ability to automate most of the sales process
  • Integration with email providers like Outlook, Gmail, and more
  • Integration with other sales tools such as Facebook, Unbounce, Zapier, etc.


Active Campaign Pricing - Best CRM for Coaches

There are four options:

  • Lite, $9 per month (paid annually), for one user, with chat and email support, customer newsletters, and subscription forms
  • Plus, $49 per month (paid annually), for up to 25 users, with customer success pipelines, sales CRM Sync, and advanced integrations with e-commerce apps
  • Professional, $149 per month (paid annually), with website personalization, conversion reporting, and predictive content
  • Enterprise, costed when you speak to the sales team, with free design services, custom reports, and contact enrichment

5. Delenta

For coaches who find their heads are too full of mundane admin tasks, Delenta is there to help. It handles lead generation and client nurturing to reduce your workflow, and it also pulls all your client interactions into one place, so you’ll never find yourself hunting for an email you know you sent six months ago that you suddenly need to refer to.

Delenta - Best CRM for Coaches

Delenta manages your payment plans for you, making it easy to see your financial performance, and provides a client dashboard so your clients can manage their own information and check how they are doing. 

Like all the best CRM for coaches, it also automates your messages, while still lending them a personal touch, to build relationships with your clients.


Delenta provides:

  • Scheduling software to make bookings easier
  • Organization for your notes
  • The ability to track payments
  • Template-based landing pages you can customize to suit your site
  • The ability to create coaching packages
  • A simple client dashboard your clients will love, which will help them stay on top of their tasks and make you a more effective coach
  • Automated invoices
  • Analytics and tracking to give you more information about your business


Delenta Pricing - Best CRM for Coaches

The company offers the following pricing bands:

  • Starter, $19 per month (paid annually), with 5 clients and 5 prospect portals, a landing page (with Delenta branding), 1 GB of storage, and file-sharing capability
  • Pro, $39 per month (paid annually), with 20 clients and 20 prospect portals, a customizable landing page, a mobile app, and 5 GB of storage
  • Premium, $59 per month (paid annually), with unlimited clients and prospects, 100 GB of storage, an online event platform, email customization, etc.
  • Teams, cost when you speak to the sales department, with tracking and reporting, project management, and more

6. CoachAccountable

Being focused entirely on coaches, as the name suggests, means that CoachAccountable has set itself up to be among the best CRM for coaches, and it delivers on this by solving most of the major issues that coaches face. It is focused on streamlining your processes and enabling you to capture more clients.

Coach Accountable - Best CRM for Coaches

CoachAccountable also works to ensure your clients are getting the most from their coaching, following up with their tasks, and engaging. This makes you a more effective coach – and more likely to get referrals and repeat customers.


CoachAccountable provides:

  • Coordination and management for your coaching business
  • The ability to share resources with clients
  • Coaching tools to add structure to your approach
  • Automation of the admin side of coaching so you can focus on your clients
  • A mobile app for your clients to stay on top of their tasks and keep the momentum going


Coach Accountable Pricing - Best CRM for Coaches (1)

You can have a 30-day free trial, followed by one of the following:

  • Starter, $20 per month, for 2 clients
  • Level 1, $40 per month, for 5 clients
  • Level 2, $70 per month, for 10 clients
  • Level 3, $120 per month, for 20 clients
  • Level 3.5, $200 per month, for 35 clients
  • Level 4, $250 per month, for 50 clients
  • Level 4.5, $340 per month, for 75 clients
  • Level 5, $400 per month, for 100 clients

If you are managing even more clients, you can keep scaling up at $4 per client.

7. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM lets coaches measure how effective their communications are, get notified when customers are interacting with their business, and utilize all communication channels, including social media, live chats, and emails.

Zoho - Best CRM for Coaches

Zoho helps coaches automate repetitive tasks, improve their workflows, and maximize their efficiency, streamlining the lead process to turn more prospective clients into paying customers.

It also offers detailed reporting so you can track your performance and make decisions informed by the stats and the wide market behavior. With predictive sales and marketing automation, it makes your selling life easier and lets you focus on offering the best possible value to your clients.


Zoho CRM offers:

  • Training programs to help you get started
  • Apps for both iOS and Android
  • A migration wizard so you can import your data from anywhere
  • Integration with other business apps
  • Automation of repetitive tasks and time-sinks
  • Real-time analytics to improve your decision-making abilities, including charts, KPIs, funnels, and more


Zoho Pricing - Best CRM for Coaches

There are four options:

  • Standard, $14 per month (paid annually), with Canvas (1 view), mass email, and workflows
  • Professional, $23 per month (paid annually), with Canvas (3 views), SalesSignals, and validation rules
  • Enterprise, $40 per month (paid annually), with Canvas (5 views), advanced customization, and a command center
  • Ultimate, $52 per month (paid annually), with Canvas (25 views), enhanced features, and more

8. Bitrix24

For coaches focused on marketing themselves, Bitrix24 is a great option; it provides a whole array of tools, including tools for sales and tools for managing the business. 

Bitrix24 - Best CRM For Coaches

Bitrix24 manages omnichannel marketing and makes it easy to work remotely, so it’s great for coaches who offer virtual coaching services.

It offers a variety of communication methods and brings all your files into a unified space so you can easily find the things you need, and it also works on generating and converting leads automatically to increase your customer base.

With an intuitive design and drag-and-drop features, it’s easy to handle your leads and maximize on potential clients.


Bitrix24 offers the following:

  • Online marketing, with email marketing, ad campaigns, etc.
  • Customer management
  • Lead scoring so you know where to put your focus in growing your client base
  • Custom pipelines to increase the inflow of potential clients
  • Sales analytics so you can track your costs and return on investments
  • Integration with social media platform


Bitrix24 Pricing - Best CRM For Coaches

You can choose from:

  • Free, with 5 GB storage and limited functionality
  • Basic, $49 per month, with 24 GB storage and some access to a website builder, customer support, and CRM tools
  • Standard, $99 per month, with 100 GB storage and increased access to these functions, plus administration support
  • Professional, $199 per month, with 1024 GB storage and full access to all the above, plus HR, sales intelligence, and more

9. Practice Better

Any coach who wants to build their business by making useful templates for their clients and minimizing their task management could benefit from using Practice Better, which is among the best CRM for coaches.

Practice Better - Best CRM for Coaches

Practice Better lets you quickly generate forms, removing the room for error, and it’s easy for both clients and coaches to use.

It also provides help with scheduling sessions and billing your clients, as well as keeping your clients accountable so that your coaching is more effective. Any coach can benefit from it, but it’s specifically targeted toward health and wellness coaches.

It offers a mobile app and the ability to add modules and worksheets to your client’s accounts so that they can view them and work on them.


This service provides:

  • The ability to create templates of the advice you share with clients, so you can use them repeatedly and reduce the amount of time you have to spend creating these resources
  • Support for video sessions so you can meet with clients virtually
  • Easy scheduling functionality to make your calendar more efficient and reduce the amount of time you spend on admin
  • A secure cloud-based location for storing your work


Practice Better Pricing - Best CRM for Coaches

Choose from:

  • Free plan, 3 clients and 100 MB of storage
  • Starter plan, $19 per month, 10 clients, 1 GB of storage
  • Professional plan, $49 per month, 200 clients, 5 GB of storage
  • Plus plan, $79 per month, unlimited clients, 10 GB of storage
  • Team plan, $135 per month, unlimited clients, 15 GB of storage per practitioner

10. My Coach Office

Another of the best CRM for coaches, My Coach Office provides a plethora of tools and functions to help streamline your work. It offers swift setup, access for both coaches and their clients, and tools to help you expand your business. 

My Coach Office - Best CRM for Coaches

My Coach Office also provides an admin center that makes everything easy and minimizes the amount of time you need to spend on things like scheduling appointments, creating invoices, sending group emails, and backing up your work.

Let’s get rid of the piles of client notes and move to a platform where you can assign homework for your clients and keep a journal for everyone with whom you work.


My Coach Office provides:

  • Social media assistance
  • Easy-to-implement marketing strategies
  • The ability to create coaching groups
  • The option to set client homework
  • Customizable journals that you can use to keep yourself and your clients on the same page
  • Reports and analytics
  • Meetings and calendar software to reduce how much time you spend scheduling
  • Invoicing software


My Coach Office Pricing - Best CRM for Coaches

Choose from:

  • Kick-Starter, $24 per month, up to 10 clients
  • Premium, $49 per month, unlimited clients
  • Enterprise, $69 per month, unlimited clients and up to 10 coaches
  • All of these give you access to a range of features, including a client resource library, mass emailing functionality, a branded client login page, and the ability to deliver online courses.

11. CRM Runner

Do you love having everything in one place? The best CRM for coaches always offer consolidation, but CRM Runner takes it to another level by bringing together every tool you could want under one banner. No matter what you want to do, it will have what you need and more.

CRM Runner - Best CRM for Coaches

CRM Runner solves both office management and field service problems, streamlining all of your processes and automating many of the boring, repetitive parts of a coaching business. It provides handy invoicing templates and can even boost your sales by encouraging customers to review your business on Google and other search engines.


CRM offers a vast range of features, including:

  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing tools and automation
  • Booking pages and tools
  • Chat functionality
  • Scheduling software so clients can easily schedule with you at a time that is convenient for both parties
  • File management systems
  • Storage
  • Training certification options
  • Sales funnel assistance and tools
  • Sales performance information, with SMS follow-up and automatic review requests


CRM Runner Pricing - Best CRM for Coaches

CRM Runner keeps things super simple; all of its functions are available to all users, and it doesn’t offer separate plans. Instead, you will pay $25 per month per user if you pay annually, or $35 per month per user if you pay monthly. You will also get a free 14 day trial to see whether the product works for you.

12. Less Annoying CRM

For any coach who has sifted through all the best CRM for coaches and come up blank because everything seems too complicated or too intrusive, this aptly named option is ideal. Less Annoying CRM is designed to be highly user friendly and it’s perfect for individuals such as coaches, because it emphasizes simplicity.

Less Annoying CRM - Best CRM for Coaches

Less Annoying CRM provides many of the same functions and features, but it is much easier to use than most of the other options, which makes it a top choice for a lot of coaches – especially those that don’t feel particularly tech-savvy. You don’t have to know a lot about computers or hire someone who does to make use of this software.


This company offers:

  • Affordable pricing with a very simple structure
  • A simple approach designed for small businesses and individuals
  • Free email and phone support
  • Content management
  • Mobile access
  • Lead reports and information about the lead’s status
  • Customizable fields without needing a lot of tech know-how
  • Access from any device
  • Automatic backups and software updates


Less Annoying CRM Pricing - Best CRM for Coaches

Less Annoying CRM takes a simple approach of $15 per month for each user, and this gives full access to all of its products and features. There are no price bands or extra fees, although the company does recommend contacting them to discuss a more sophisticated setup if you have more than 10 users.

13. Bonsai CRM

When it comes to choosing a coaching CRM, Bonsai makes it simple. It is one of the easiest tools to use and set up. In addition, it has a beautiful, user-friendly design. Bonsai covers all aspects of your coaching business, from scheduling, client forms & client portal, session notes, and contracts to invoices & payments, accounting, expense tracking, and even online banking!

Coaching dashboard

All Bonsai features are integrated and automated with each other, helping you save time and money. It helps you manage your clients, projects, and financial aspects of your coaching business in one place. It also makes sure you look professional by offering free templates that can be tailored to your business. With Bonsai scheduling and reminders, you can avoid overbooking and see your workload, as well as provide your clients with personalized information.


Bonsai provides:

  • Client portal where your clients can see all the information you shared with them
  • Custom client forms fully integrated with CRM to collect relevant information and onboard clients efficiently
  • Contracts & e-signing
  • The ability to keep notes on clients
  • Workflow automation
  • Financial aspects of your business: income reports, expense tracking, tax reminders, and a business checking account with a payment card
  • Hundreds of free pre-built and fully customizable templates that are legally vetted


Bonsai pricing

Bonsai offers a 7-day free trial for all plans. You can choose one of the following:

  • Starter $17/month (billed annually), ideal for self-employed coaches who are just starting out
  • Professional $32/month (billed annually), perfect for scaling your coaching business
  • Business $52/month (billed annually), excellent for small coaching businesses that may have several coaches on the team

14. Profi

Profi is a CRM solution that’s been designed with coaches in mind. It’s easy to navigate and packed with features that help streamline your day-to-day tasks, freeing up your time to focus on supporting your clients and expanding your business.

Profi Calendar

No matter if you’re a solo coach or managing a team within a larger coaching organization, Profi is a reliable platform that can adapt to your needs. It’s a practical, user-friendly tool that’s there to support your coaching journey.


Profi offers the following:

  • Scheduling & calendar
  • Video conferencing
  • CRM, notes & messaging
  • Automated and customizable forms
  • Packages
  • Programs (Courses)
  • Integrated payments
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • User-friendly client portal
  • And more!


Profi Pricing

You can do a 30-day free trial to test whether Profi works for you, and after that, you have the following options:

  • Solo, $99 per month: For individual professionals.
  • Team, custom pricing: For a single team/small business.
  • Corporate, custom pricing: For businesses with 2+ teams & custom domains.
  • Network, custom pricing: For businesses with independent providers.

15. Practice CRM

Practice is designed for coaches, by coaches. You can tell instantly with the simple and professional feel, both for you and your clients. And in the smaller details — like how they offer an easy way to sell and track packages, the ability to offer payment plans, and so much more. 

Practice Services

Practice is designed for an end-to-end relationship with your clients. There’s scheduling, payments, and forms to handle the logistics, there are client records and a client portal for centralizing communication and documents, and finally there’s automation to tie everything together so nothing gets lost or forgotten.


Practice provides:

  • Real-time scheduling, connected to as many Google Calendars as you want
  • Client management for individuals and groups
  • Client portal to centralize communication (chat, voice memos) and files
  • Contract and form builders
  • Digital signatures
  • File storage and sharing
  • Native Automations and Zapier Integration
  • iOS, Android and Web apps for you and your clients


Practice Pricing

Practice offers a 7-day free trial for both plans. You can choose one of the following:

  • Basic $28/month (billed annually), ideal for those who are just starting out
  • Pro $48/month (billed annually), great for those who are scaling and streamlining their practice

Final Thoughts

CRMs can be a coach’s best friend, and we hope this list of the 12 best CRMs for coaches has helped you find the right one for your business.

When you find the right CRM for your business it can make all the difference in the way that your clients experience what you have to offer.

A CRM that does not work well for you (or not having one at all) will leave you and your clients short of a stellar, streamlined, and organized coaching experience. Obviously, you don’t want to do that as a coach trying to make an impact with your coaching business!

And remember, no matter which CRM you decide on, always make sure to do your research thoroughly and test out different options before making a final decision. 

Have you had success with any of the CRMs on our list? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

About The Author

Hey! I’m Cass, a brand coach and the Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches elevate their businesses with beautiful branding and websites. Here on our blog, my content focuses on branding, web design, and storytelling.

Hey! I’m Tee, a brand and marketing coach and the Co-Founder & CMO at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches grow their coaching businesses digitally. Here on our blog, my content focuses on web design, marketing, business, and social media strategy.


  1. I’m currently looking for a new CRM, since Practice Better isn’t working for me, as a relationship coach. I work with polyamorous people, and PB doesn’t allow me to have more than one client listed under a primary client, so that I can send separate forms to the different people in the polycule. I’m not sure that any CRM offers this, but I am hopeful, and so I am searching.

    1. Eliza, I totally get the struggle! Finding the right CRM for your unique needs can be a challenge, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. Going forward, I would email sales teams and ask for demos before you sign up. We’re sending you all the positive vibes on your CRM hunt! ?✨

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