3 Beliefs You Need To Create Transformational Coaching Content

April 19, 2020
3 Beliefs You Need To Create Transformational Coaching Content

Creating coaching content — any type of transformational content for your coaching business — is one of the things our clients struggle with the most. It’s one of the things I used to struggle with the most, too.

But it doesn’t have to be so hard. It doesn’t have to be so painful. In fact, it can be fun, easy, and super attractive to your ideal clients. And yes, I’m very serious.

Inside this blog post you’ll learn:

✔️ 3 beliefs you need to write like a ninja for your coaching business. 

✔️ Writing tips to get you started writing content that attracts coaching clients.

✔️ A simple mantra to get you into the mindset to write transformational content.

It’s really all about the thoughts and beliefs you have when sitting down in front of your computer screen. Those thoughts are all that’s stopping you from creating great life coaching content.

Changing your beliefs doesn’t happen overnight, and I definitely want you to start writing better content for your life coaching business TODAY. Right now. As soon as possible.

Especially if that’s something you struggle with all the time.

And REALLY especially if you constantly think: “I don’t know what to talk about.”

Because that thought is universal — I’ve heard it dozens of times — and it definitely doesn’t have to be that way.

So read on if you want to know the three beliefs you need to create great coaching content — and then let me know how your content-writing habits and results have changed!

3 Beliefs That Will Help You Create Great Coaching Content

Belief Number 1: Creating coaching content is fun.

Now I put this as the first belief on the list because without it, you’ll never WANT to create content.

Imagine: what would you do if you constantly thought creating content for your coaching buisness was a drag? That it’s the worst thing ever?

You’d avoid it like the plague. You’d be miserable whenever you sat down to write something. You’d whine and complain the entire time instead of doing it.

But what if you actually believed creating coaching content is fun? How would you respond when it came time to sit down and write?

You’d be excited! You’d be happy! You’d be pumped. And the energy of that belief would be flowing through you the entire time.

Your personality would shine through your words. People would read your coaching content and FEEL the transformation.

If you think I’m crazy saying that, I want you to think back to when you were in school and you had to write one of those long technical papers. It was probably like pulling teeth. And it was blaaaand. You’d fall asleep re-reading it.

Now compare that to when you’re texting your best friend and telling her a story. It probably comes out full of life and she’s excited to read the whole thing. It has energy and passion.

That’s the difference between having fun with writing your coaching content, and thinking it’s the worst.

So you need to believe that creating coaching content is fun. And the more you truly believe it, deep down, the more you’ll look forward to content creation. The more you’ll be excited to sit down and write a blog post or a social caption.

Instead of dreading it, instead of avoiding it, you’ll be happy to do it. You’ll anticipate the time of day or day of the week when you create your content for your coaching business.

But you can’t just go from “I hate writing content” to “Creating content is fun” overnight. It’s not an affirmation. It’s a belief you WANT to have.

So you have to work yourself up to believing it. You first have to find a middle ground. Something neutral you can think so you aren’t focusing on the negative.

Perhaps you start out thinking “Writing content for my coaching business is necessary,” or something along those lines. But the trick to it is it has to be a thought that makes you feel neutral. It can’t be a thought that makes you feel a negative emotion, or you’ll never make progress.

Once you have your neutral thought, you need to work to actually make it fun. Maybe you play upbeat music while you work. Maybe spend two minutes having a dance party before you sit down to write.

For me, it was switching up my schedule. I moved my hour of content creation time every day to immediately after I do my morning meditation and journaling. Because I always come out of meditation and journaling feeling energized. Feeling optimistic.

So that carries over into writing my content.

Belief Number 2: Creating coaching content is easy.

Just like the thought that you hate writing content, if you go into your coaching content believing it’s super difficult and hard, you’re going to want to avoid it. You’re going to dread it. And your writing will fall flat.

You have to give up the story you tell yourself that creating content for your coaching business is hard. Because it doesn’t help you. It just makes you resist it. 

Instead, when you believe content is easy, it flows. It’s natural. It sounds like you.

And it also becomes easy to think of WHAT to write. 

Brainstorming topics to write about is simple. Developing outlines for blog posts and filling them in becomes second nature.

You release all the discomfort and doubt and fear swirling around your brain and just do it. Write it. Finish it.

Because it’s not hard anymore.

It’s fun, and it’s easy.

So what neutral thought can you use to start making progress?

I used, “creating content for my coaching business is just like talking to my clients.”

I can talk to my coaching clients all day long. And I can talk to my friends about anything.

When I started thinking that writing content was just like talking to my clients, it opened me up.

But you have to use a thought that works for you. If you’re a serious introvert and talking to people scares you, that thought isn’t going to help you. It’s gonna make you run.

So maybe you need to think something along the lines of “creating coaching content is safe.”

And then easy will come with practice.

Belief Number 3: Creating content attracts your ideal coaching clients to you.

This is a powerful belief to have.

Imagine the type of content you’ll create when you believe that your content attracts coaching clients…

Imagine how fun and how easy it will be to write content when you believe that every single post and every single article and every single podcast episode makes people want to follow you and listen to you and sign up with you.

You’re going to write stronger, smarter, better coaching content, because you’ll be creating it for the coaching clients who are coming. The ones you know are waiting for you to put that content out. The ones who need that content to make a difference in their life.

Every time you write something, you’ll draw those people in a little closer. They’ll get a little closer to taking the plunge and reaching out to you.

And sometimes, people will reach out after one post. They’ll be so moved by the amazing content you create that they don’t need to sit back and see if it feels right.

Those are your clients. Those are the people who are waiting for you. They’re out there, I promise. They just don’t know they need you yet.

But they will.

So you practice believing that creating content attracts your ideal clients to you.

And if you can’t immediately jump into that belief, use this one: “Creating coaching content for my business attracts attention.”

Because that’s absolutely true, right? Whether it’s a little attention or a lot of attention, whether it’s your ideal client or not, someone’s going to see it and notice it.

Then it’s just a matter of shifting into the ideal client part.

Tips to create great content for your coaching business…

So these are the three beliefs you need to create great content: 

  • Creating coaching content is fun.
  • Creating coaching content is easy.
  • Creating coaching content attracts your ideal coaching clients to you.

Can you imagine how content will go for you once you believe these? It’s pretty amazing, right?

But where do you go from here?

It’s easy for me to say you just need to believe in your content, but I also want to make sure I’m giving you tools to use UNTIL you reach that point.

So I’m about to share a few tips for how to create content. And they’ll make believing come that much quicker.


The goal of creating coaching content is to find more clients, right? And those clients are going to be working with YOU.

So your content needs to reflect YOU. Who you are. What you think. How you speak.

You you you. Your personality.

So often when we write, we unconsciously mimic our role models.

It’s perfectly natural, and we do it because we view them as the epitome of success. They’re who we’re trying to emulate.

But when we copy someone or mimic someone, we lose our own personality in the mix. We don’t shine through as strongly as we need to. And the ideal clients watching us and waiting for us are confused by our shifting personality.

So just make sure you’re writing and creating from inside of you.


A lot of times we overthink what we’re writing about.

We get halfway through a post and think, oh no, this isn’t right. I have to redo it.

Or we edit sentences in the middle of writing them.

The problem with this is we lose our train of thought. We forget what we were trying to say.

We stop to edit, and we can’t get back into the flow once we do that.

So ignore the mistakes, ignore the grammar, and let it fly out. Then go back and do your edits.


This is the easiest way to get INTO that flow.

When you have time set aside like this, you know what you’re focusing on. You allow yourself to put everything else out of your mind and just write. No distractions, no jumping from one thing to the next.

There will be days at the beginning where it’s like pulling teeth to get that inspiration started. But eventually, you’re going to fall into the rhythm. And you’ll start to look forward to the routine of it.

Are you ready to start creating coaching content?

Hopefully, this all helps you create great content for your coaching business.

I know it can be a struggle, and I know it can be frustrating, but with a little work you can turn content into one of your favorite parts of the day.

I honestly love creating content now, and I’m a little bummed when my daily hour is up.

Now repeat after me:

  • Creating coaching content is fun.
  • Creating coaching content is easy.
  • Creating coaching content attracts your ideal coaching clients to you.

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3 Beliefs You Need To Create Transformational Coaching Content