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Having a coaching business
is so much fun!

You get to work with amazing clients to help them face stories from their past, change their thoughts, believe in endless possibilities, heal from trauma, and get the results they dream of.

But building the foundations and structure of that business is not always easy. Your own mind drama gets in the way of making decisions, promoting yourself, explaining your value, and implementing the strategies you need to grow.

It doesn’t help that you’re watching incredible, amazing, successful coaches who are killing it, and assuming you need to copy what they’ve done in order to get to where they are.

To build the kind of following they have. To make the kind of money they are. To be ‘successful’.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: doing the things they’re doing will not work for you. Not yet. Maybe not ever.

First, you have to get clear on a couple of things:

  • Who are you?
  • Why do you do this?
  • What value do you provide to your clients?

When you have the answers to these questions, you can grow a business that’s truly aligned with you, what you do, and what your clients need.

Only then can you:

  • connect with potential clients and speak to them in ways they’ll understand and engage with
  • Solidify your reputation as an expert
  • Create content with ease
  • Build a brand that resonates
  • Launch a website with intention
  • Promote yourself with confidence

All the mind drama your clients have — about dating or weight loss or finances or relationships or success or insertcircumstancehere — shows up for you in building your business.

I’ve worked with dozens of coaches, and they always have the same thoughts. They always have the same fears and self-doubt and hesitation. And they always think the answer is to follow the leader. To copy their idols. To complicate their business plans.

But in reality — the best thing you can do is go back to the basics of honing your message, connecting with people, and over-delivering to your clients.

The coaches I work with are getting incredible results.

They’re booking 10 clients a month, quitting their full-time jobs, reaching their first 6 figures, building email lists with thousands of people, creating their programs, building their courses, launching membership sites…

And they’re all doing it in their own unique way.

They’re all following their own intentional, aligned path, based on the type of business they want to own and run. Based on the vision they have for their future.


Isn’t that the type of business
you want to have?

Not one where you’re rushing to copy what everyone else is doing, but one where you’re doing what you WANT to do — and it’s working.

That’s what Brand Bootcamp is all about.

Building the foundation first, and then putting all the pieces in place to support the dream you have for your future.

Pieces like your logo + brand. Your social media presence. Your website. Your business cards. Your free content. Your funnel. Your niche. And all the little pieces in between that you need to make all the other stuff work smoothly.

We’ll do in 16 weeks what took me more than two years to figure out on my own. And we’ll do it together.

Ready to learn more?

“I had a long list of “must haves to be successful,” that included mostly words that were foreign to me, like funnel and landing page and opt-in, etc.. This was all new to me and felt completely overwhelming. I have been able to see the value in having someone hear me and unravel my messy, jumbled thoughts. Previously, I spent so much time in despair and focusing on my weaknesses, that I couldn’t seem to see my way out of that spin cycle. Cassandra was able time and again to help me see my gifts and strengths, and encourage me to show up. The biggest and most impactful thing has been Cassandra consistently being on my side, especially when I am NOT on my own side (and sabotaging myself). Many times when I was feeling defeated, I could hear Cassandra’s voice in my head, always with a word of encouragement and truth.”

— Julie B.