The Best Mindset Coach Certification

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The Best Mindset Coach Certification


Does the idea of becoming a mindset coach excite you? Do you feel it’s your calling in life? Are you looking for the best mindset coach certification? If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, you are in the right place!

By the way, We’re Cass + Tee, and we are coaching certification junkies. Not only do we have a few certifications ourselves, but we also help certified coaches every day with branding, web design, and business strategy. 

So if you are a life coach, keep scrolling to learn more about becoming a mindset coach and which affordable certification we recommend. 

What Is A Mindset Coach?

The purpose of a mindset coach is to help individuals rewire their mindsets, unlocking their maximum potential and growing into the best version of themselves. Mindset coaches rarely offer advice directly, but instead try to direct people toward answers themselves by asking the right questions.

Mindset coaches might help clients think about the future by asking questions about it, but they might also ask why clients have made certain choices in the past, and how these reflect their feelings.

Mindset coaching is about helping clients determine what it is that they want, so they can start looking at how to get there. It involves taking some time to review their journey and where they are right now.

These coaches find ways to help clients move forward, and plans that they can start putting into action to get where they want to be. These plans will be discussed between the coach and the client, and the coach will talk the client through the different strategies they can implement. The effectiveness of these strategies will be tracked with the coach’s help.

What Is The Best Mindset Coach Certification?

The best mindset coach certification is the REBT Mindset Coach Certification. REBT stands for Rational Emotive Behavioral Coach, and this course focuses on training life coaches to help their clients take control of their lives and start living to the fullest and achieving their dreams.

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What Is The Mindset Coach Certification

The course is accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency, which is an internationally recognized organization. REBT Mind Coach Certification can be undertaken by anyone, and at the end of the course, students will receive certification from the Transformation Academy. 

The course covers all kinds of material, but notably, it will focus on how to help your clients feel optimistic about the future, and how to help them fight against feelings of fear. It covers coaching your clients through anxiety and stress and teaching your clients to be kind to themselves.

The course will also look at getting clients comfortable with uncertainty so that they can make the changes necessary to improve their lives and overcome obstacles that they face. With this course, coaches will have all the tools they need to start helping their clients improve their lives!

What’s Included In The REBT Mindset Life Coach Certification?

So, what does the best mindset coach certification cover? 

You will get six hours of on-demand video that will help you understand how to help clients more effectively, as well as nine articles covering the topics listed above.

What’s Included In The REBT Mindset Life Coach Certification

You will also enjoy 57 downloadable resources, with lifetime access so you can refer back to them at any time, and at the end of the course, you’ll get a Certificate of completion. Everything is fully accessible by mobile and TV. 

What You’ll Learn

The course is extensive and covers a whole range of ways in which you can help your clients and become the best coach that you can be. 

With the training you receive, you will be able to help your client with the roadblocks that they suffer from in life, and ways to help them grapple with and overcome anxiety and nervousness about the things they find challenging.

You’ll also learn more about how to help clients who are very hard on themselves, teaching them about the power of positive language and guiding them in building up their self-esteem. You will help them to feel better about themselves, their achievements, and their lives as a whole.

Once your client is in a better position, you’ll need to start helping them to move forward, and this can be done by analyzing their current situation and where they want to be. With this done, you can start building up their resilience for dealing with change and the discomfort associated with uncertainty.

With the skills taught in this course, you will be able to empower your clients to take control and start living life the way that they want to.

What You'll Learn - REBT Mindset Life Coach Certification

The REBT Mindset Life Coach Certification includes 6 hours of video across 12 in-depth modules, including:

  1. Introduction – An introductory video covering what you will learn about in the course.
  2. What is REBT? – An overview of how this tool helps to transform lives, for both coaches and their clients, as well as the impact that it has had on philosophy and psychology.
  3. REBT, A Human Empowerment Story – This part covers all the different ways in which REBT can change the lives of those who use it.
  4. History of REBT – A useful explanation of how REBT began and just how massive an impact it has had on the field of psychology.
  5. Differences Between REBT and CBT – An explanation of how CBT originated from REBT and the critical differences that separate these two kinds of courses and make REBT so exceptional.
  6. How to Use This Course – Detailed information on how you can complete the certification as effectively as possible.
  7. Agreement, Disclaimer, and Code of Ethics – Some of the important information about the life coaching course that you should read before you start.
  8. Important Course Documents – A place where you can find the most important documents that the course offers.
  9. All Course Documents In One Handy Place – All the documents for the course, including everything that you will need to access.
  10. Questions, Resources, and Meet The Instructors – An opportunity to review the resources, ask any questions, and meet the course instructors. 
  11. About the Master Mindset Life Coach Program – Everything you might still need to know about the Master Mindset Life Coach Program and the things that it covers.
  12. Roadmap For Building A Successful Mindset Coaching Business – The guide you can turn to for advice and help in making your Mindset Coaching Business take flight.

REBT Mindset Life Coach Certification Pros:

There are many reasons thousands of coaches have said that this is the best mindset coach certification. Some of the top advantages include the ease with which you can follow the course and the comprehensive slides you will get access to. There is plenty of material and worksheets, it’s easy to keep up and use in real life

The course content is also very valuable and offers great insights into the challenges that a potential coach’s clients might be struggling with, as well as advice on how to overcome these challenges. 

REBT Mindset Life Coach Certification Cons:

The course does not require any examination to prove competency, which means that anyone can pass it. This reduces the value of the certificate earned and damages its reputation.

Some people found that the slides were too close to the videos, meaning that they ended up with material that they could have read for themselves, without needing the instructors present. This made it harder for some students to engage with the material.

Who Created The REBT Mindset Life Coach Certification?

The course was created by Transformation Academy owned by Joeel and Natalie Rivera, trainers, coaches, and professional speakers. Joeel has a Master’s degree in Counseling and Education, and has also studied Psychology, which he is currently completing a dissertation in.

Natalie has worked with him on many ventures, in which they challenge others to become the best they can and take control of their lives as INDIEpreneurs. They are dedicated to inspiring entrepreneurs and helping to provide coaching with a firm basis in science and psychology.

Where to buy the Mindset Life Coach Certification?

The Pricing? As low as $23.99 on Udemy as a new student. Yup. You read that price right! If you already have a Udemy account, then the price is $129.99. You can also buy directly from Transformation Academy’s website for $197 for each certification. 

Where to buy the Mindset Life Coach Certification

Sample Buyer Review: “Very detailed. Easy to understand material and worksheets. I feel confident in assisting my clients with REBT techniques.” – Krystal Rose

Read more reviews at Udemy.com

The Best Mindset Coach Certification: Final Thoughts

We hope this in-depth review helps you decide if the REBT Mindset Life Coach Certification is right for you! Let us know in the comments. 

Do you plan on purchasing this? Why or why not? If you are planning on getting this coaching certification, please make sure to come back and let us know in the comments.

About The Author

Hey! I’m Cass, a brand coach and the Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches elevate their businesses with beautiful branding and websites. Here on our blog, my content focuses on branding, web design, and storytelling.

Hey! I’m Tee, a brand and marketing coach and the Co-Founder & CMO at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches grow their coaching businesses digitally. Here on our blog, my content focuses on web design, marketing, business, and social media strategy.


  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that I do plan on getting this training as a Mindset Coach as soon as possible. I was on the fence between this course and another’s course on Udemy, but your article swayed me to the REBT Mindset course – as I subscribe to your newsletter and read your blog. Thank you for your insight. I appreciate it.

    1. We’re so thrilled to hear that our article helped you make the decision to go for the REBT Mindset course! ? As a mindset coach, it’s all about finding the right resources that resonate with you, and we’re so glad that our insights and newsletters have been helpful to you. Can’t wait to see you crush it! If you have any questions or need support along the way, we’re here for you 🙂

    2. I hope it’s what you’re expecting and gives you what you need from it. Personally I’m dubious about any course that is this price, and isn’t accredited by a recognised coaching body, such as International Coaching Federation

      1. Hi Kate! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback. As many of our coaches are brand new, some of them can’t afford ICF just yet. We try to offer options that are economically friendly for all. Also, coaching isn’t regulated in some countries. We don’t like to shame other coaches based on their budgets and try not to be certification snobs. We’ve tested a ton of certifications and Udemy, specially Transformation Academy is an excellent option. We only recommend what we’ve tried.

  2. This looks amazing!!! Is that price still available ? I just made a udemy account, but pricing is much higher.

    1. Hi Catherine! I believe for new students, the price is $16.99 the last time I checked 🙂 Did you end up getting at the introductory price?

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