11 Best Coaching Websites (Plus Templates You Can Steal Right Now)

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Best Coaching Websites

The best coaching websites help coaches grow their audience, get more coaching clients, and sell more program! We’ve put together a list of our best coaching websites, built to attract your dream clients. Each one is beautifully designed and optimized for conversions.

Best Coaching Websites – Custom Designed

1) Best Career Coach Website – Stacy Smoot

Stacy Smoot is a life coach helping people find their intention. Her gift is in encouraging people to discover their purpose. 

Best Career Coach Website - Stacy Smoot

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2) Best Pro Organizer Website – Shira Gill

Shira Gill is a life coach and professional organizer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She offers personal mentorship for business owners, professional organizers, and entrepreneurs through her digital home organization programs.

Best Pro Organizer Website - Shira Gill

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3) Best Health and Wellness Website – Lupis Chic

Almost exclusively online, Lupus Chick is dedicated to offering education and inspiration for people with chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases. Her ultimate goal is to become the “Goop of the autoimmune world.”

Best Health and Wellness Website - Lupis Chic

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4) Best Life Coaching Website – Better Day Coaching

Better Day Coaching is designed to use emotional empowerment and change skills to help women create a better narrative that changes their stories.

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Best Life Coaching Website - Better Day Coaching

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5) Best Executive Coaching Website – Mimi Gordan Coaching

Besides leadership coaching and workshops for individuals and companies, Mimi Gordon also offers retreats and retreats with topics ranging from leadership development and management to team building.

Best Executive Coaching Website - Mimi Gordan Coaching

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Best Coaching Website Templates

6) Best Health Coach Website Template – Sylvie

Sylvie is the perfect website template for health coaches. Sylvie reflects a healthy lifestyle while offering a fun design with beautiful accents.

Best Coaching Websites for Health Coaches - Sylvie Showit Template

Our Favorite Details:

The fun and intentional vibe. From the menu bar that sits on top of an impactful image, to the staggered height of the category images, the entire template feels fun, yet intentional. Sylvie has a little love on all its pages, even the contact page has personality.

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7) Best Executive Coach Website Template – Callie

Callie is a modern and stylish website template featuring a successful vibe with modern fonts and a layout that focuses on your strengths and services… perfect for executive coaches.

Best Executive Coach Website - Callie Showit Template

Our Favorite Details:

The super simple layouts. Honestly, there’s nothing fancy about this template, and we don’t mean that in a bad way. The entire site is easy to read and comprehend, setting an air of authority and leadership. Plus… it’s professional, which means your audience can trust you.

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8) Best Financial Coach Website Template – Jana

This is an elegant and modern website template for coaches in finance. It boasts a clean design with bold call to actions and a layout focused on conversions.

Best Coaching Websites for Financial Coaches - Jana Showit Template

Our Favorite Details:

The bold and beautiful typography. This template was built for the people who don’t want to mess around with a lot of images. Why? Because the headlines and layouts are bold, daring and set a strong tone. Plus, Jana offers plenty of white space making it a stunning minimalistic design that takes visitors through an experience.

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9) Best Business Coach Website Template – Jordan

The Jordan website template is a sophisticated template for business coaches. Jordan features a minimalistic layout and fonts that help you engage customers.

Best Business Coach Website - Jordan Showit Template

Our Favorite Details:

The distinctive visual look. Making a strong visual impact while keeping it clean is a fine line to walk, but we think Jordan pulls it off. There is just enough drama in this template with the parallax dividers and the gold-fleck marble accents paired with lots of text around hero sections. It’s the epitome of balance.

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10) Best Weight Loss Coach Website Template – Alicia

The Alicia website template is geared toward weight loss coaching. Alicia has a fun vibe with modern typography and a layout focused on your client’s  future results.

Best Coaching Websites for Weight Loss Coaches - Alicia

Our Favorite Details:

The approachable and trustworthy vibe. Many people have a bad experience with the weight loss industry due to overly salesy websites that offer more promises they can keep. In contrast, Alicia brings a compassionate, ‘I’m on your side’ persona to things, which will put your visitors at ease and make them feel heard, not triggered.

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11) Best Website Template for Professional Organizers – Teagan

Designed exclusively for organizing professionals, Teagan features a luxury vibe with delicate styling, a layout that inspires order, and a color palette that screams organization.

Our Favorite Details:

The elegant and organized design. The template automatically gives off an organizational vibe, which we appreciate since we are also very organized coaches. It’s spacious, calming, and luxurious, so you can imagine how your clients will feel after working with you.

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Don’t Settle! The Best Coaches Deserve the Best Coaching Websites

All the details of the above coaching website templates are customizable to fit your brand and business. To prove it, here’s how easy it is to add your content to your Showit so that it turns out looking GREAT!

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11 Best Coaching Websites (Plus Templates You Can Steal Right Now)

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