An Interview with Weight Loss Coach Heather Lock

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An Interview with Weight Loss Coach Heather Lock

We truly believe the world needs women coaches and change-makers NOW more than ever. To support that, we’re starting a movement called #welovecoaches where we feature coaches from around the world and celebrate the work they do.

Introduce yourself!

Hi I’m Heather. I help women to lose weight and tone up with highly successful habit coaching and quick 20 minute live online workouts.

It’s a diet free solution to long term weight loss and loving how you look and feel.

Share a little about why you choose to be a coach.

I struggled with hating my body for year’s. It held me back in every aspect of my life, until I had my daughter in 2012. This is when I decided to get help to gain my best body and learn new habits to keep it.

I loved it so much I decided to retrain as a PT to go and help other women feel this good too!

The course I did was amazing, life-changing for me and taught me not only how to provide effective workouts but also we went deep with lifestyle coaching.

This is where the magic lies in giving over 55 women last year fantastic weight loss results and I simply can’t wait to help a whole lot more!!

What’s one piece of coaching advice you’d like to share with everyone reading?

Weight loss should be fun. You need to take small consistent steps because going all out, like huge calorie restriction, cutting out all snacks or trying to do long grueling workouts, can’t be maintained so the cycle just keeps repeating.

Keep it simple, keep it fun, keep it realistic, and the results will come.

What is on your must watch/read list and why?

I loved the recent series of Bridgerton, it takes you right out off your own head into a raunchy, romantic period story that leaves you wanting more. They are doing another series, can’t wait!!

What’s next for you and your business?

The next 60 day plan to lose 10lb and tone the body starts on April the 5th.

Its your one stop shop to losing weight, tightening and toning your body and keeping your happy weight for good.

Thank you so much Heather for sharing your passion! How can people reach you?

Reach me on email: Transformation

Or message me on Facebook:

I hope you enjoyed this interview! Share, like, and comment to support women change-makers! #welovecoaches

An Interview with Weight Loss Coach Heather Lock

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