An Interview with Leadership Coach Amanda Gulino of A Better Monday

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An Interview with Leadership Coach Amanda Gulino of A Better Monday

We truly believe the world needs women coaches and change-makers NOW more than ever. To support that, we’re starting a movement called #welovecoaches where we feature coaches from around the world and celebrate the work they do.

Introduce yourself!

Hi! I’m Amanda, a leadership coach. I help people & teams find fulfillment at work and make a bigger impact. People (or you’d) come to me for people & culture consulting, 1:1 coaching, and team facilitation. I get great joy out of helping find their authentic leadership approach. There is nothing better than being excited that it is Monday – yes, it’s possible!

Share a little about why you choose to be a coach.

My life’s work is all about helping others to maximize their potential and enjoyment in life. After years of working to build people-focused cultures in social impact organizations, I discovered what I loved most about the work was coaching people toward their version of success. Once I figured that out, I enrolled in a coaching program and began my journey to deepening my skills so that I could deliver transformational coaching for my clients. The rest is history!

What challenges have you’ve faced as a female coach?

Truthfully, my greatest challenge as a coach and as a professional is to get out of my own way. I primarily work with clients who identify as women, so I’m quite familiar with the internalized patriarchy, imposter syndrome, and self doubt that can hold women back from the fullness of their potential. These are very real things I deal with too, and these are frequent topics I work through with my own coach!

How do you stay uplifted, motivated, and inspired to push through and show up every day for your business and your clients?

I am big on rituals. I have a morning ritual and routine that I stick to every workday, including reflection time, journaling time, and a gratitude exercise. I also create daily (realistic) daily priorities (3 max). This helps me to ensure I am grounded and focused on the most important things. Lastly, I work out most days and sleep 8 hours per night. Sleep and movement are key to my happiness and effectiveness.

What are the must-have business tools, apps, or websites you use regularly to make your day productive?

My Google calendar guides my day. I couldn’t do without my iPhone, my laptop, my monitor, and my notebook. I regularly use Slack and Zoom. I also love Loom – this tool allows you to record a video of you talking and share it. It’s a great replacement for writing long emails.

What is on your must-watch/read list and why?

So many good reads! I don’t want a ton of TV, so I will focus on books:

I love learning from others. Reading is a primary way that I get to get in the brains of others and learn from their brilliance.

If you could encourage other women coaches to do one thing in their career, what would it be and why?

Seek colleagues, managers, friends, mentors, and coaches who find joy in your success. Life is too short to compete – focus on building a community of people who build you up and who you get to build up!

What’s next for you?

I set intentions (not resolutions) at the start of every year. This year my intentions are twofold:

  • Be relentlessly honest and authentic with my voice
  • Focus on adding value and contributing to a better world

In my business, this translates to some new coaching and workshops I’m developing. Stay tuned!

How can people reach you?

Let’s connect on LinkedIn:

If you’d like to explore if coaching is right for you, let’s book a time to connect!

I hope you enjoyed this interview! Share, like, and comment to support women change-makers! #welovecoaches

An Interview with Leadership Coach Amanda Gulino of A Better Monday

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