An Interview with Law of Attraction Coach Bambi Corso of DreamTracking

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An Interview with Law of Attraction Coach Bambi Corso of DreamTracking

Introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Bambi, a Law of Attraction Certified Coach and dreamworker. I combine life coaching skills with people’s night-time dreams to help them live a more conscious, joyful life that supports their authenticity, purpose and passion.

Share a little about why you choose to be a coach.

Originally I was interested in being a counselor, but I realized it was so much more important to focus on people’s inner light and possibilities in an optimistic and positive way. So, I became a life coach and realized early on that weaving dreamwork into my client’s sessions was incredibly helpful. Since I’ve been a dreamworker since the 1990’s, so it was a perfect fit.

What challenges have you’ve faced as a female coach?

For me, the biggest challenge has been developing a larger clientele and creating programs by myself. Marketing myself is very time consuming, but hiring someone to help is very costly. So, I do my coaching on the side of a regular job for now.

How do you stay uplifted, motivated, and inspired?

I love what I do, so showing up for it is effortless. I am constantly listening to podcasts, interviews, audiotapes, etc. of people that really help me stay focused, such as Brene Brown, Wayne Dyer and Jack Canfield.

What are the must-have business tools, apps, or websites you use regularly to make your day productive?

Google, Zoom, LinkedIn, and YouTube are at the top of my list these days.

What is on your must-watch/read list and why?

Both of these women were featured on a recent podcast by Brene Brown and they were amazing, inspirational and I want to know more about them both.

If you could encourage other women coaches to do one thing in their career, what would it be and why?

Trust your intuition and follow your calling. We all have an inner knowing and the soul speaks to us in whispers all the time through intuitive hits, longings and interests. We just have to learn to trust those impulses and take actions, no matter how big or small, on our own behalf.

What’s next for you?

I am writing a book about dreams which I hope to have completed this year. My goal with the book is to help people learn how to work with their own dreams and to develop an intimate relationship with their dreamlife, and therefore, themselves.

How can people reach you?

People can reach me at my website where they can sign up for my newsletters and receive a link to my free ebook, “The 10 Most Effective Tips for Remembering Your Dreams”.

I hope you enjoyed this interview! Share, like, and comment to support women change-makers! #welovecoaches

An Interview with Law of Attraction Coach Bambi Corso of DreamTracking

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