An Interview with Career Coach Stacy Mehler of Next Level Career Coach

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An Interview with Career Coach Stacy Mehler of Next Level Career Coach

We truly believe the world needs women coaches and change-makers NOW more than ever. To support that, we’re starting a movement called #welovecoaches where we feature coaches from around the world and celebrate the work they do.

Introduce yourself!

Hi! I’m Stacy, a Certified Professional Resume Writer who helps people reach the next level of their career. My focus is on working with individuals to design and submit high-quality documents for job applications and graduate school applications. I also provide coaching to help people ace the interview.

Share a little about why you choose to be a coach.

While recruiting for a Fortune 100 company, I watched many qualified candidates fail in the application and interview processes because they did not know how to market themselves.

Both full-time career changers and graduate school applicants had the experience and the grades, but could not format a basic résumé successfully or perform in the interview proficiently.

I launched NLCC to help these accomplished, high-performance individuals with the necessary steps to reach their career goals.

What challenges have you’ve faced as a female coach?

My greatest challenge as a coach is having those “tough conversations” with clients about realistic goals. Of course, we all want to jump from three years of experience to CEO or apply for a graduate school program that is out of our league, but I have to consult with my clients about reasonable yet ambitious expectations.

When it comes to some of my female clients, I often see the opposite situation and have to coach them into applying for higher-level roles or schools. I often have to help these clients negotiate their salaries and remind them of their true “worth” which is something I deal with in my business too.

Many people, men and women, are just happy to receive an offer or deal that they say yes, but, as one of my favorite books says, you can negotiate anything!

How do you stay uplifted, motivated, and inspired to push through and show up every day for your business and your clients?

I stay motivated and inspired by hearing success stories. Every day, I show up for my clients because I know that they are relying on me to help them get to their next level. Every time I get a call or email saying the resume, interview, or negotiation tactic worked, I do a little happy dance! Also, I love working out every day. That’s how I stay sane and active.

What are the must-have business tools, apps, or websites you use regularly to make your day productive?

I rely heavily on my calendar, which is color-coded and has reminders of deadlines. Also, MS Excel is how I track everything.

What is on your must-watch/read list and why?

I love reading and have so many books to recommend, but, if I have to pick a few top picks, I would choose:

  • Jump Ship – it’s a book that explains how smart people quit the right thing at the right time and can help people figure out if a career change is necessary.
  • Who Moved My Cheese – it’s a book all about adapting to change.
  • Peaks and Valleys – it’s a book that helps explain how to handle both the good and the bad that life throws your way.
  • Eat That Frog – it’s a book about discipline and doing the biggest tasks first, versus procrastinating them.
  • Made to Stick – it’s a book about marketing and explains why some things stick and others don’t.

If you could encourage other women coaches to do one thing in their career, what would it be and why?

If I could encourage other women coaches to do something in their career, it would be to go for it. Failures happen and they can be learning opportunities.

Stop mulling, thinking, and analyzing, and go for it (whatever “it” is)!

What’s next for you?

Next for me is to build more connections and help more people reach their individual goals.

How can people reach you?

Let’s connect!

Send me an email at

Alternatively, you can send me a message directly through my website:

I hope you enjoyed this interview! Share, like, and comment to support women change-makers! #welovecoaches

An Interview with Career Coach Stacy Mehler of Next Level Career Coach

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