An Interview with Business Coach Katia Ravé of Ravé Strategy Studio

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An Interview with Business Coach Katia Ravé of Ravé Strategy Studio

We truly believe the world needs women coaches and change-makers NOW more than ever. To support that, we’re starting a movement called #welovecoaches where we feature coaches from around the world and celebrate the work they do.

Introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Katia Ravé! I am a business coach, speaker, author, and podcast host who speaks three languages – French, English, and Money. I help business owners get more cash to come in, build trust with a message that relates to the problems of their clients, and reach a bigger market.

Share a little about why you choose to be a coach.

I loved the industry as I have been a serial entrepreneur for many years, and as a daughter of 2 business owners, I love business! I was super successful at many businesses and failed at 1. When that happened I wanted to understand the deeper reason why it had failed and help women to understand how to run businesses that way they would not feel like failures. We have a tendency to take failure very personally. I went into the coaching industry after being influenced by many coaches and books that I read after that failure. I am a fan of Earl Nightingale and many others.

What’s one piece of coaching advice you’d like to share with everyone reading?

Have goals that are followed by actions! Make your goals for 90 days, you will accomplish way more, and then break it down to the different categories of your business. For example: social media, speaking (podcast interviews, webinars, clubhouse, challenges), admin, money-generating activities, writing (writing a book), building an email list, or hosting a summit.

Next, break each goal down into a list of what steps need to be taken in 60 days and 30 days for you to reach that goal in 90 days. Lastly, make your first-month to-do list and label it with what what must be done by you and what must be delegated to a VA. From there make your weekly tasks!

I hope it helps! Goals without actions won’t get you there.

Katia is a TEN in my book. As she brings solutions to the forefront, she will inspire you to take action. As a result of working with Katia, I modified my business model, and have begun to see previously untapped markets start to grow. I highly recommend Katia to anyone looking to create more, make more, and be more!

– Melissa Peterson

Thank you so much Katia for sharing your passion! How can people reach you?

People can reach me at on LinkedIn, Instagram, or at

I hope you enjoyed this interview! Share, like, and comment to support women change-makers! #welovecoaches

An Interview with Business Coach Katia Ravé of Ravé Strategy Studio

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