Introducing Alicia! A Showit Website Template for Weight Loss Coaches

May 21, 2020
Alicia Showit Website Templates for Weight Loss Coaches

We are so excited to introduce Alicia, a Showit website template for weight loss and nutrition coaches. This template was born (or built) for the coaches trying to help clients feel more at home in their bodies, whether that means accepting themselves for who they are, losing weight, getting more fit, or mastering their nutrition goals.

If you’re a coach in any of those niches, this is definitely the template for you. It will allow you to connect with your clients on a personal basis while showcasing the transformation you can help them achieve.

What We Like The Most About The Alicia Showit Website Template for Weight Loss Coaches

The Approachable Feel. The weight loss industry tends to get a bad rep with in-your-face websites that sell-sell-sell and put people off. But Alicia approaches things from a compassionate, ‘I’m on your side’ vibe that will put your visitors at ease and make them feel heard, rather than triggered.

And that’s a wonderful way to start building a relationship with your coaching clients.

Need to see it for yourself? Take the tour of the template >>>

Our Favorite Alicia Pages

Each of our Showit website templates for life coaches includes the same sixteen page templates to help you build any kind of coaching website you want or need, but we want to showcase some of our favorite Alicia pages in this post.

Showit website template for weight loss coaches

The home page. Your home page is always about making sure people know everything you have to offer, and that’s what Alicia’s home page has in store for you. Put your best foot forward with a clear and approachable vibe that leaves nothing out, so your clients can trust you from view one.

Showit website template for weight loss coaches

The services page. This page is incredibly inviting to your future clients. The whole goal of your coaching website is getting people to book a call with you, and that’s exactly what this page does. Whichever program or offer a visitor is interested in, they’ll get enough information to know exactly what’s available and how it works. Which means they’ll feel confident in booking a call with you.

The best content page. Great content is the best way to direct traffic around your website, and that’s why we’re so fond of the ‘best content’ page. On this page, you share the best of the best content you have to offer, and that way you can direct people to the page in order to get the highest value they can possibly get from you. It’s trust building, yo.

Start Building Your Dream Coaching Website

Every single detail of this Showit weight loss coach website template is customizable to fit your brand and business. We love to create templates with a type of coach in mind, but the truth is that every template we create could work for every type of coach. That’s how much control you have over our Showit coaching website templates.

If you’re ready to dive in and start building your life coach website, you can get started immediately. Just head to our shop and choose the template of your dreams. But first, check out Alicia, because we’re convinced it has the answer to your website needs.

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