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October 13, 2020
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neutral brand design

Purchasing one of our Showit website templates for coaches is a great way to get your brand and website set up quickly, but what if you’re not a designer and you don’t feel confident that you can make the template look good with your branding?

Or, what if you don’t even have a brand yet, and you’re not in a position to hire someone to create it for you?

We’ve got you covered. Now on the blog, you’ll start seeing posts like this one, where I’ll show you a beautiful branding collection you can steal for your coaching business and apply to your Lovely Impact website template right now.

Because we want you to be able to make whatever template you purchase feel unique to your business.

neutral brand design

The Brand

To kick off this series, I’ve started a brand design that’s clean and understated, with a neutral color palette and classic look that could fit just about any type of coaching brand.

If you’re not really sure what you want your brand to be, or you can’t put your finger on the vision that’s been floating around in the back of your mind, this is an excellent place for you to start.

The beauty of neutral is that you can go literally anywhere with it. There are no restrictions on how you expand the vibe of this branding.

Have a favorite color to add in? Awesome. Want to include a signature font? No problem. Already working with a simple logo and just need to polish things up a bit? Perfect.

A neutral brand allows you to do all those things and more, and you’ll likely grow it into your own unique look as the months and years go by.

The Mood Board

Every brand-creation process should start with a mood board.

A mood board helps you visually see the goal of your brand. What you want it to look and feel like. It’s how you keep your brand and website design on track, by constantly referring back to the mood board and making sure it’s aligned with what you’re building.

In the case of this brand, we’ve chosen a very neutral collection of images from Kate Max Stock, for a coach who spans business and lifestyle.

It could fit literally any type of coach, no matter what you coach people on.

Kate Max Stock photo bundles used in this mood board:

Cozy Lifestyle Bundle

White Textures Bundle

White Balloons Bundle

White Summer Bundle

The Color Palette

The colors in this brand are very neutral, allowing you to include just about any additional colors in your photography that you want to. It’s one of the biggest benefits of a neutral palette — that any accent color fits in.

Here are the hex codes for this palette, from light to dark:

#1: #f2f2f2

#2: #dfdfde

#3: #dbd8d6

#4: #8b8786

#5: #35211b

Looking to add a pop of color? Try using one of these below:

Orange: #d39b8c

Teal: #669999

Purple: #b6acbf

Pink: #cc9999

Note: you probably only want to add one of these colors to the palette…not all of them 😉

The Brand Fonts

The fonts that your brand uses are just as important as the color palette you’re working with. They breathe personality and tone into your business, in a subtle way that most people never notice.

To get you started with fonts, I’ve listed out the free Google fonts used in this brand example, plus included a couple premium fonts you might want to consider including for extra personality in your brand.

Base fonts:

Title font: Playfair Display Regular from Google Fonts.

Headline font: Playfair Display Regular from Google Fonts.

Subhead font: Roboto Condensed Regular from Google Fonts.

Body copy font: Oxygen Light from Google Fonts.

Accent Fonts:

Add an accent font to your brand to give it a unique personality. The two below are great options.

Santorini — A hand-lettered script font that would make a beautiful accent font along with the base fonts.

Miss Confidential — A font that looks like handwriting that would be an awesome option if you want a personal touch to your brand and social media graphics.

Templates This Brand Example Work Best With

This simple and clean brand example works best with our Jana, Jordan, and Teagan templates. Each of those templates have a minimalist philosophy, where color is not the main focus.

And that’s where neutral palettes often shine the most: when they aren’t the primary focus of your brand.

Want to build out your own brand from scratch?

We’re ready to help you with that. In our free resource library for coaches, we’ve included Canva mood board templates that you can use to get started in creating your own brand mood board.

The templates include 4 different layouts that you can play with, adding your own preferred images and choosing your own colors, until you land on the perfect vibe for your business.

Get instant access to the mood board templates by signing up here.

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Cass is a designer and life coach whose mission is to help life coaches get themselves out there quickly, because she honestly believes everyone needs a coach, and you can’t focus on coaching clients if you’re spinning trying to build your business.