8 Coaches Share Their New Year Goals

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8 Coaches Share Their New Year Goals


Stuck on your goals for the New Year? Get inspired by these successful coaches who dared to share theirs. 

In this blog post, we’ll talk to real coaches and get their insight on what they will be focusing on in 2022. You’ll hear about how they’ve identified areas for improvement, as well as the leaps they plan to take in the new year.

Let’s get started!

New Year Goals For Coaches To Get Inspired By

1. Expand your offerings.

Heather Vickery

“I’ve spent the last few months intentionally unraveling what I’ve built so that I can build it back better and on my own terms. In the new year, I plan to launch a new coaching membership that is deeply community-driven. Helping folks have a life and a business they absolutely love, on their own terms. These things are much easier to do when we have a support system than on our own. I also plan to hold an in-person, two-day intensive retreat. I will take people through my trademark coaching platform, The BRAVE Method and, with my support, attendees will create a thoughtful and intentional roadmap for problem-solving, dreaming, designing and creating their next steps in life and business.”

Heather Vickery, Vickery & Co

2. Commit to your zone of genius.

Kelly Harris Perin

“For 2022, I want to increase the amount of time I’m operating in my zone of genius and hope to do that in two ways: by seeking out more clients and organizations that really inspire me, and by saying “no” to organizations and projects that are not the best fit for me.”

–  Kelly Harris Perin, Little Bites Coaching

3. Strategize better systems.

Zelna Oberholster

“My business goal next year is to find a proper system to manage clients online anywhere, anytime. After Covid-19, most of my clients got stuck and were not able to get 1 on 1 sessions. I am looking to integrate systems that will enable my clients to easily book a session with me, get proper reminders, go through the sessions as if it is 1 on 1 and seamlessly digitally take notes that I can always refer to before our next session. A system that will enable me to note my client’s mood before and after the session, and automatically set the next appointment by picking up the voice command. This is to ensure even if my client leaves the country, we are still able to catch up on our sessions with ease.”

the impact list

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Zelna Oberholster, The SelfHelp Foundation

4. Focus on your mental health.

Lattice Hudson

“Mental health is a basic human need and an important component of societal well-being. The devastating effects the pandemic has had on everyone’s mental health is alarming. This is a global emergency and not enough has been said or done to address business owners struggling to manage the stress of running a business during these trying times.

My next programme will be based entirely on the mental health and wellness needs of a business owner. This will hopefully allow me to extend a helping hand towards my clients who are struggling to make sense of their thoughts and worries regarding their businesses. As someone who was also struggling to cope, I feel I can understand these clients, and hopefully help coach them to run their businesses without neglecting their  mental health and wellness needs.”

Lattice Hudson, Lattice & Co

5. Secure a book deal.

Larissa Nicole Fitness

“Our goals for 2022 include scaling our signature coaching program, Stronger Ever After, creating an evergreen done-for-you, low-ticket offer, growing our team, continuing to work with food brands on new and long-term partnerships and growing our audience (on social and via our email list!) so that we can develop the necessary numbers to secure a cookbook deal with a renowned publishing company by 2023. (So exciting!!)”

Larissa Nicole, Larissa Nicole Fitness

6. Increase your impact.

Karissa Parris

“After a successful year of crushing my 2021 goals, I am excited to increase my impact, and take my business goals to the next level. At the start of 2022, I plan to launch two new coaching programs that will help clients realize their potential, increase equity in the job market, and specifically equip Black and Latinx job seekers with the tools they need to get ahead in their careers. Through these programs, I hope to help over 5000 clients secure fulfilling careers that they love.”

Karissa Parris, Writer’s Block Resumes

7. Nurture your audience.

Laura Barker

“Build my email distribution list via my weekly blog. Why? Coaching is relationship-based. Effective coaching occurs when there is trust between the client and the coach. Often that takes time. Weekly blogs allow potential clients the opportunity to get to know me over time via my thoughts which are expressed in the blog and my actions which are displayed through the regular nature of a weekly blog. As trust gets built, I will segue to a digital course that will allow me to increase my audience reach and provide coaching content in a structured format to those not ready or able for 1:1 coaching.”

Laura Barker, Laura Barker Coaching

8. Expand your reach in your industry.

Fabienne Raphael

“As a coach for former pro/elite athletes helping them to monetize their expertise and leverage their sports career into a successful online coaching business, I have big plans for 2022. My biggest goal is to expand my reach in the sports industry. I’ve partnered with a few Psychologists and Leaders of Athletes Communities and am planning to conduct workshops and host events around the topic of life after sports.

As a former Team Canada handball athlete, I know how devastated athletes feel when they leave their sport because they feel that the adrenalin rush is forever gone and that they are nobody outside of their sports…but it’s definitely possible to still find purpose, get the spark back differently and have a long-lasting impact on other people’s lives. My goal in 2022 is to help more athletes smoothly transition out of sports.”

Fabienne Raphaël, Business Coach

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve heard from real coaches, you can choose any of the strategies above and try them yourself. You have everything you need to set your own epic goals for the New Year! 

As you saw in the post, the start of a new year is a pivotal time, and an opportunity to be even more intentional with the impact of your coaching business. Without clear goals in mind, it can be a struggle to measure your progress and truly serve the people who need your coaching offers.

But, before you get started, please make sure you leave a quick comment and let me know which tip was your favorite and what your New Year goals for 2022 are looking like!

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Hey! I’m Tee, a brand and marketing coach and the Co-Founder & CMO at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches grow their coaching businesses digitally. Here on our blog, my content focuses on web design, marketing, business, and social media strategy.

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