8 Coaches Share How They Prevent Burnout

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FEATURED HARO 8 Coaches Share How They Prevent Burnout

Have you dealt with a burnout in your coaching business? We all know that coaching can be a rewarding yet demanding profession.

It’s easy to get burned out when you’re constantly on the go, juggling clients and exerting all the energy it takes to keep your business growing. Not only do most coaches help their clients with burnout prevention, but they also have to find ways to help themselves.

So how do successful coaches prevent burnout? We got curious and asked eight of them to share their best tips on the methods they practice to keep themselves balanced. Because let’s face it, as coaches, we tend to care a lot and could all use some advice in this area from time to time.

From establishing firm boundaries to taking time for yourself, these coaches have got it all covered. Read on to learn how they keep themselves energized and motivated in their coaching businesses!

8 Coaches Share How They Prevent Burnout

Here are our top picks of inspiring stories from coaches who share about how they deal with burnout prevention in their business.

1. By staying present with what you are feeling.

Latoya Dixon Smith

“I prevent burnout as a feminine leadership & embodiment coach by ensuring that I’m staying present for each part of my work. I notice how I feel when I show up to coaching calls. I notice how I feel when my clients reach out to me for support or to share some news. I notice how I feel when it’s time to promote my business or share a new piece of content. 

I do this because burnout is usually not an instantaneous event; it’s a build-up of smaller events like fatigue, disinterest, frustration, and anxiety. Checking in and being mindful while I support my clients, even when I step outside of my role as a business owner to care for myself, is critical to creating a sustainable coaching business that you love and from which clients see transformative results.”

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Latoya Dixon Smith, One Union Studios

2. By setting strong boundaries with your clients.

Heather Hart

“In order to prevent burnout as a coach, it’s very important to set professional boundaries with clients from the start. On our client intake paperwork, we explicitly state which forms of communication are accepted (direct emails, comments through coaching platform, etc.) and which are not (social media DM’s, etc.). Further, we state that we will always respond to clients within a 24 hour period, but reserve the right to use the entire 24-hour window if necessary. 

Lastly, we explain that just like any other business, we have working hours, and are available during specific hours on the weekdays, and log off in the evenings and on weekends. This gives us the freedom to find a work/life balance without feeling like we have to be glued to our computer or phone to respond to clients 24/7.”

Heather Hart, Hart Strength, and Endurance Coaching

3. By starting your days with gratitude.

Michelle Burke

“Preventing burnout is different for everyone—what works for you may not work for someone else. Start with one small change that you will commit to. As a well-being and leadership coach, I begin and end each day with gratitude, naming three reasons to be grateful for. This has helped me focus on what’s good and right in my life rather than what’s wrong.”

Michelle Burke, Energy Catalyst Group

4. By remembering to let life & business be fun.

Thomas Edwards

“My practices focus on having fun with the people, at the places, doing the things that make you internally happy. The key thing to understand is that no one burns out when they’re having fun, so by creating a game out of your life, you activate parts of my body, mind, and spirit, that allows you to perform at a higher level efficiently while having fun which reduces stress, and avoids burnout.”

Thomas Edwards Jr., Edwards Expansion

5. By not trying to do it all by yourself.

Dr Sharon Grossman

“Being a solopreneur can be isolating. Coaches can avoid burnout by focusing on building relationships with their clients, belonging to a supportive community, and working as part of a team, even if it’s a team you build to help you in your business.”

Dr. Sharon Grossman, Warrior Publishing

6. By working smarter, not harder.

James R Elliot

“Take only a certain number of appointments each day and each week. Instead of charging little and having lots of clients, take fewer appointments and charge higher and you will end up giving more value too.

Take videos of your sessions – just basics and maybe the introductory part, upload it somewhere and make it mandatory for clients to watch them so coaches don’t have to repeat the basics over and over.”

James R. Elliot, Unleash Your Power

7. By coaching yourself.

Marilyn Devonish

“I have been a Coach and Therapist for the past 21 years and the potential for burnout is real. There are several things I do in terms of mindset and physiology, however, one fun method I started using is something my clients naturally do with the gems and ‘Marilyn-isms’ I share with them. I ask myself:

If I were my client, what would I say to myself?

It sounds simple and almost too easy, however, the impact can be profound. When you ask that question from an expanded state, the answers that come forth are pretty astounding. It’s great for getting out of your own headspace and gaining good counsel, even if you’re the only one there.

You may not use or action everything that comes to mind, however, this is usually something insightful or timely that comes through. Journal your ideas and the results.”

Marilyn Devonish, The NeuroSuccess Coach

8. By choosing your clients intentionally.

Ashley Andersen

“Know your ideal client – not just from a marketing perspective, that’s important but less so when we’re talking about burnout. Clients that don’t light your fire, that aren’t a good fit for your brand, will suck the life out of you. 

You’ll be less than enthused to jump on the call and sometimes, even resentful for the fact that you agreed to work with them in the first place.”

Ashley Anderson, 10X Leadership Lab

Final Thoughts

Coaches, we feel you. Preventing burnout can be a challenge, but it’s important to take care of ourselves if we want to be there for our clients in the long run.

When you push yourself to the point of exhaustion, it becomes a disservice to everyone that counts on you, including yourself. Taking an intentional approach to your coaching business and the ways you interact with it can make a world of difference in your success as a coach and your overall wellbeing.

What works for one coach might not work for another, so find what strategies help you stay grounded and energized. And don’t be afraid to ask for help – your friends, family, and colleagues will likely be more than happy to lend an ear or offer a shoulder to lean on when needed. 

Now, we’d love to hear from you — what do you tend to do to help prevent burnout in your coaching business? Let us know in the comments below.

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