5 Steps to Defining the Why Behind Your Coaching Business

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5 Steps to Defining the Why Behind Your Coaching Business

Why should you waste your time defining the why behind your coaching business, you ask? Because it’s important.

I don’t just mean important to your coaching clients and customers, I mean important to you.

Imagine for just a second that you’ve been struggling in your coaching business for weeks, your bank account is almost at zero, and you’re stressed to the max. You have no idea what to do next, and you’re starting to wonder if this ‘being a coach’ thing is actually worth it…

What’s going to keep you strong and motivated to push through the rough patch and stay the course of building your coaching business?

You guessed it…your why.

Now, there are plenty of other reasons you need to define your why, but none of them are as personal as the example I just gave you. I’ll write another post with all the reasons why at a later date so you know them.

For now, just believe me when I say you need it, and follow the steps below to define your why, right here and now.


#1 – Ask yourself “Why do I do what I do?”

Why do you do what you do? Start off by asking yourself that question. It seems obvious, right? But I want you to do this on paper or in your journal and make a list of all the things that come into play in defining your why. 

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Go deep, my friend. There are likely a million different reasons; some related to you, some related to your coaching clients, some related to your community or coaching niche, and some that are completely random. 

Get them all out on that piece of paper. 

I’m serious. Put down your phone or grab your notebook and get to work.

#2 – Dig deep and get emotional

Now that you have the list in front of you, look through them. Take your pen, and circle the ones that make you feel something strong. Any emotion; whether it’s excitement, happiness, fear, anxiety, or anything else. 

Strong emotional reactions are a good indicator that the reason is important to you, even if it’s fear that otherwise the world will go without.

#3 – Define your personal why as a coach

At this point you want to ask yourself which of these reasons means the most to you. That’s the one you’ll keep at the front of everything. It’s what you’ll remind yourself of first when you start to doubt. 

This is your personal why. 

It’s what drives you. It’s what you need to draw on to inspire you to take action in your coaching business. It might be related to your coaching clients, or it might have nothing to do with them. That’s okay. That’s why it’s your personal why.

#4 – Define your public why as a coach

Next up is defining your public why. This version of your why could include your personal one as well, but you want to bring it to a multi-dimensional level. 

All the reasons you circled that bring up emotions in you need to be analyzed to determine whether they fit within a public why. Do they relate to your coaching clients and your coaching niche? 

Each one that does should be included in your public why.

#5 – Bring it all together to make sense in your coaching business

Organize your various public reasons into a sentence that makes sense, but don’t feel limited to just one sentence. It could be a paragraph. So long as you’re getting the point across and it comes out smoothly, people are going to resonate with your why.

Your dream coaching clients, especially, are going to resonate, because it’s about them and the things they’re struggling with. 

Now all that’s left is you practicing stating your why until it’s embedded in your heart and mind

5 Steps to Defining the Why Behind Your Coaching Business

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